The World’s Most Popular Casino Games



Gambling is a universal source of entertainment that is thoroughly enjoyed across the globe. With its roots firmly planted in the history of several different cultures, players now enjoy a vast array of classic casino games online and offline. Some of the all-time favourite casino games have been developed through centuries-worth of history. These games and their rich history are what have given rise to casino bonuses in the UK as well as the wider world.

So, whether you are completely new to the gambling world or a player looking for new games to try out, this piece will explore some of the most popular casino games around the world, and the rich history that has turned them into the great games they are today.

Playing Craps at a Casino

Thought to have originated from a European dice game in the 12th Century, from English Soldiers during the Crusades otherwise known as Hazards; this game eventually spread further across the globe to the United States of America, where it was then transformed into the classic casino game, we now call Craps.

As you’ve probably guessed, Craps is a gambling game driven by the roll of dice, with multiple bets to be made, the fate of which is all dependent on the number rolled on the dice. The type of bets that can be made when playing Craps are as follows:

Multi Roll Bets in Craps

Multi roll bets are a type of bet in which its fate is determined by multiple rolls of the dice within the game.

  • Pass Line Bet
  • Don’t Pass Bet
  • The Point
  • Come Bet
  • Don’t Come Bet
  • Place Bet

Single Roll Bets in Craps

Single roll bets are, as it says in the name, a type of bet where the fate of it is determined by a single roll of the dice within the game.

  • Field Bet
  • Hop Bet
  • Horn Bet

Craps is a classic casino game, enjoyed among many different cultures from across the globe, however, this historic game is most popular in both the United States of America (USA) and various different areas of Europe.

Playing  Baccarat: Punto Banco

With its history said to have been traced back to 15th Century Italy, moving across Europe to England and France, Punto Banco (otherwise known as Baccarat) is a game that is also rich in history.

The origins of this casino game have been claimed to follow an ancient Etruscan legend in which a virgin had to throw a nine-sided die to determine her fate. It has also been claimed that the game was originally played with Tarot cards instead of the standard deck of playing cards used in casinos today.

Punto Banco (or Baccarat) is a card game in which players take either the ‘player’ hand or the ‘banker’ hand and are initially dealt two cards. The value of this initial hand is the two cards added together, with the main objective of both hands being as close to a total sum of 9 as possible. Below is a list of the main rules when playing Baccarat online or in a casino, for both the ‘player’ and ‘banker’ hand:

Player Hand

  • Total value of 8 or 9 – player stands in the game.
  • Total value of 6 or 7 – player stands in the game.
  • Total value of 0,1,2,3,4 or 5 – third card must be drawn.

Banker Hand

  • Total value of 8 or 9 – player stands in the game.
  • Total value of 7 – player stands in the game.
  • Total value of 3, third card drawn is 8 – player stands in the game.
  • Total value of 4, third card drawn is either 0,1,8 or 9 – player stands in the game.
  • Total value of 5, third card drawn is either 0,1,2,3,4,8 or 9 – player stands in the game.

Again, like the previously mentioned casino game Craps, Punto Banco is a game very much played in various different areas of the USA and Europe, as well as being one of the most popular types of casino classics in Asia.

What About Roulette?

Another well-known, much-loved casino game popular in countries around the world is the casino favourite, Roulette. With its history claimed to have started in 18th Century France with the help of inventor Blaise Pascal, later developed into a mix of both a 1720 gaming wheel and Italian game called ‘Biribi.’

The rules of Roulette are simple; players can place bets on different sections of the Roulette wheel, and can include bets on a single number, multiple numbers, odds or evens and reds or blacks. If the outcome of the spin is 0, it is stated in the standard rules of the game that the player is allowed to have half the amount of their bet paid back to them.

Roulette is a universally popular game, and a staple in most casinos across the world including the USA and Europe.

Playing Keno

Another classic casino game played by many across the globe, Keno has a history filled with numerous different legends. Going back as far as 206 B.C. in China, legend has it that the Han dynasty used Keno to collect taxes which funded the intercontinental war efforts as well as going towards the creation of the Great Wall of China.

Due to immigration from China several centuries later, the game was introduced to America and developed into the classic game offered in many different casinos today.

Playing Keno is similar to Bingo, with players having to first purchase a Keno ticket. This ticket is comprised of 80 different numbers, with players betting money on various numbers on this ticket. During a round, the casino draws 20 numbers at random, with the more this draw corresponds with player’s selected numbers, the larger the pay-out.

Options in Keno

Players can select one of two different gaming options during a game of Keno:

  • Play One – the numbers chosen on the Keno ticket will only be valid for one round of numbers drawn.
  • Play Five – the numbers chosen on the Keno ticket will be valid for 5 rounds of numbers drawn.

As well as being a must have in most American casinos, the game Keno is extremely popular in Asia, and specifically China, where it first originated.