Why Casino Review Sites are Better than Going Direct



In every industry the consumer can decide whether they want to go direct to the brand or use a comparison site and read reviews first. This applies across the board and in industries where you are able to adjust what you pay or spend, it is that bit more pertinent. For example, in the case of loans, mortgages, insurance and casinos, consumers will find that there are many direct providers (of casino games for example) as well as review and comparison websites.

Understanding what each type of site, direct provider and review or comparison site offers is key to getting the most out of your money and capitalising on the latest deals and offers.

In the case of casinos, online bonuses and betting, using review and comparison websites as opposed to just going to the provider immediately are surely the most obvious choice; why would you not want to read reviews on a comparison site before signing up – understanding what other players are saying about a particular provider and understanding the ins and outs in a way you may not otherwise consider is no bad thing. Sometimes though, it is worth spelling out the obvious and explaining the reasoning behind them.

Should I go Direct to an Online Casino?

Casinos spend millions of Pounds each year advertising online, on TV and radio. It works for them; they build up a brand through years and years of getting their brand in front of consumers which over time builds a lot of trust. Eventually, after advertising and building up enough brand recognition, people end up searching for the brands and their signature games.

The perception is that if you spend money advertising online, via radio and on TV then you have an established, well-running business because advertising costs can be very high. In many cases this is true; the bigger brands are well established, they have money and are often well backed financially. They operate from legal jurisdictions, have passed all the compliance and adhere to all the gambling commission policies and procedures.

This all means that you can more than likely trust these brands over others. But should you come across their online ads or TV ads should you simply navigate straight to their site, sign up and start depositing money?

In a word, NO. Just because a casino has a higher advertising budget than another casino it doesn’t mean they are the best casino to play at. Do they have the best welcome bonus? Do they have the best software? Do they allow your preferred method of payment? How quickly do they payout if you win? Do they have the best wagering requirements? Do they have disclaimers in their terms and conditions which voids the very offer they are advertising online or on TV? How are you going to know the answer to all these questions?

Also useful to remember is that some of the latest casino bonuses online do often come via casino review and comparison websites.

What Does a Casino Comparison Site Do?

A casino comparison site answers exactly all the questions that you have and even answers all the question that you didn’t know you should be asking. It does this by carrying out independent reviews of all casinos regardless of their advertising budget.

A good casino comparison site will even sign up and play at each of the casinos they have listed on their site. After playing they write about their experience and share it with you in an easy to read summary so you can make an informed decision in a matter of minutes. Here is the criteria that should be reviewed by prospective players.



Welcome Bonus What is the size of the welcome bonus, what terms and conditions are attached to it such as wagering requirements. Is it even worth taking the offer?
Safety and Security What encryption is being used, how is your data protected, is your money going to stay safe and be withdrawn back to your account if you win?
Software (User Experience) What software provider is being used, is it fun to play out, what are the speed of the games?
Device Compatibility Can you play on tablets and mobiles too, Android or Apple, are there any exclusions?
Customer Support Do they have live chat, how quickly do they respond, do they have a complaints procedure?
Cash Withdrawal How long does it take to withdraw your winning, how easy is the process of withdrawal?
Game Variety How many slot games are available, how many table games, do they offer any new type of games? How often do they introduce new games?
Regional Availability Can you play in your home country? Can you still play when you go abroad?
Loyalty Programme Do they offer any incentives to keep playing, are you well looked after if you’re an established player, do you get any freebies?
Licensing Do they hold a current and relevant license? Are they adhering to compliance and regulation?

Maybe you haven’t thought about all this when you saw an advert for a casino, however it’s worth taking the time to do so. It may not affect you in the short term but it will definitely have an impact in the long term if you were to play at a casino which actually received poor reviews and scored badly in the review criteria.

Should you go Direct or use a Casino Review Site?

It’s important that we put luck aside as you can win or lose which ever way you go and which ever casino you chose as the chances of winning do not change, that is not part of the review criteria. So of course you can see an online advert, sign up, play, win big and be as happy as Larry, but that is relying purely on lady luck to be by your side.

Lady luck can often let you down though, so in conclusion you should take the less risky option and use a casino review site to read up about the casino you want to play at, or even decide that through reading a better review you are going to sign up to a different casino. Casino review site exist purely to ensure you have the best experience possible, they have teams in place doing the hard work of comparing and scoring casinos. Take advantage of that work and you will definitely be much better off in the long term.