What is a VIP Casino Bonus?


What is a vip casino bonus?

A casino VIP bonus is usually reserved for players who make big deposits and join the casino’s high roller club. While a standard match deposit bonus can usually be something like 100% up to $200, high roller bonuses often award hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Just like you can find high rollers at land-based casinos, there are also high rollers at online casinos. Obviously, they want the top casino bonus around, or they will leave to play somewhere else. Since an online casino can’t entice the player with free accommodation or meals they have to come up with other ways to keep them happy, which is why VIP players get so many awesome bonuses.

Casino Bonus Visit
1 100% up to £300 + 25 Bonus Spins on Starburst Review Get Bonus
2 200% up to £400 + 50 Bonus Spins on any Netent game Review Get Bonus
3 200% up to £500 + 50 Bonus Spins on Starburst Review Get Bonus
4 100% up to £300 + 50 Bonus Spins on any Netent game Review Get Bonus
5 Up to 50 Free Spins on your first deposit Review Get Bonus
6 100% up to £300 + 50 Bonus Spins on Starburst Review Get Bonus

Why look for a VIP bonus?

VIP casino bonus illustration

For many players it might seem incomprehensible: why you should claim a bonus to play the games if you’re a high roller?

The answer is simple: even high roller players don’t like wasting money. It’s much easier to make a smaller deposit and double your initial balance then to play with cash only. Many high rollers know that it’s up to luck whether you win or lose on the games. So why risk a bigger balance of cash money when you can play with a bonus?

Also many casinos offer high roller players a custom VIP bonus which have favorable terms. So in fact the high roller player can have better chances in meeting the wager and making a withdrawal.

How To Get a VIP Bonus From Online Casinos

A casino VIP player making a large deposit

Well the answer to this question is simple. You need to make big deposits at the casino and you will instantly get noticed by the management team. At many casinos you can simply play for a longer period of time and advance up the VIP ladder. So the higher your VIP bonus level becomes the more features you unlock.

At some casinos however the highest VIP levels are gained by invite only. These levels are reserved for “whales” which are high roller players who place incredible bets on the casino games.

Different terms for high roller players

At many online casinos the terms are not the same for a high roller player and a regular player. High rollers can play the casino games on much higher bets. If the maximum bet per spin on some slot is set at £100 for a regular player, a high roller may be allowed to bet £1,000 per spin or even more.

There are also many other favourable terms which high rollers enjoy. For example the maximum cash out limit is usually lifted, so the high roller can withdraw as much as he wants in a single transaction.

If the casino has a reward points program the top VIP levels will convert their reward points at a much faster rate. There are also custom no deposit loyalty prizes and of course custom tailored deposit bonuses. All this is made possible thanks to the VIP manager which is assigned to each high roller player.

Do online casinos want high roller players?

In general all casinos love high roller players, regardless if they’re online or land based. But having high rollers using a VIP bonus is a double-edged sword for any online casino.

This is because the casinos stand to win a lot of money in a short period of time if the player loses. But on the other hand since the high roller bets on very high bets, the casinos also stand to lose a lot if the player gets lucky. So we can freely say that online casinos love high rollers, but also fear them at the same time.

Is it worth becoming a high roller for a VIP bonus?

Yes, it most certainly is. If you start playing at online casinos with big deposits it’s always a good idea to contact the support team and get in touch with the casino manager.

This way you can negotiate better terms for playing at the casino or you can even make your own demands. The manager is sure to accommodate you as much as he can and you can only profit from that.

High rollers enjoy many benefits, including prizes in the form of luxury trips. You can easily win some luxury trip with all expenses paid by the casino if you prove to be a high roller and a loyal player.

How do you choose the right VIP casino?

The choice of online casinos today is enormous so it can be pretty hard to find the right casino for you. Due to VIP casino programs being custom depending on how often you play and deposit, it’s difficult to list all the details of each casino.

Some casinos have a fixed VIP bonus rewards program, so what you see is what you get. But at some online casinos you can easily negotiate the terms under which you play at the casino.

Many high rollers go for nice cash back bonuses on their loses or no deposit loyalty bonuses. Others just go for the favourable deposit bonuses. In the end it all depends on you and what you expect to get from the casino as a high roller player.

What games can you play with a VIP bonus?

In general high roller players like to play table games against a live dealer. You can usually find them at the Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat tables. Many high rollers are also vivid poker players.

It seems that most of them like to gamble on casino games where it takes skill, as much as luck in order to win. But in recent years many VIP players like to try their luck on the video slots. This is most likely brought on by the change in generation where today you have younger high rollers who find the slots more interesting and exciting to play.

Regardless of which casino games you like to play you can always find some online casino which will suit all of your needs. You can get great high roller bonuses and raised limits on the casino games, so you can bet big and win big in return. In the end that’s the way of the high roller player.