The Different Jobs at a Casino



Casinos have become a cornerstone of the entertainment industry throughout history, having collected features from various different cultures around the world to make up the richly diverse environments you see throughout many of the classic houses today.

Whilst we offer casino bonuses online, going to casino houses was the norm before the age of the Internet and continues to be a popular thing for people to do on holiday.

A traditional casino house has to cater a broad spectrum of classic gambling games and more to keep its customers happy, and this is managed through its diverse range of staff.

There are therefore many different roles within a casino house, all as vital as they are diverse in keeping a house running smoothly. This informative guide has been created for anyone interested in knowing the details of how this unique team of staff work, and furthermore how a casino keeps itself running in the fast-pace world of the entertainment industry.

What Are the Different Jobs at a Casino?

Although this list can vary significantly from house to house, some of the main roles for a casino are as follows:

  • Accountant (£37,000 per year)
  • Bartender (circa £15,000 per year)
  • Cage Cashier (£15,000 to £20,000 per year)
  • Cook / Chef (upon application)
  • Dealer / Croupier (£15,000 to £20,000 per year, plus tips)
  • Management (£20,000 to £80,000 per year)
  • Pit Bosses (£20,000 to £30,000 per year)
  • Waitress (circa £15,000 per year)
  • Security / Surveillance (£18,000 to £25,000 per year)

Whilst all roles vary significantly in numerous different aspects, each job is an important cog in the wheel of any successful casino house.


With an average annual salary in the UK is £37,000 ($49,236), a casino accountant works as any other accountant for a large business; being responsible for making sure all the casino’s finances add up correctly, whilst writing up routine reports on all of the casino’s incomings and outgoings.

To be a casino accountant requires a bachelor’s degree at the very least, and typically previous experience in the relative field with a company of similar size.


The majority of casino houses contain bars, offering alcoholic drinks and other beverages for its customers enjoyment. The bartender is therefore responsible for working the bar, making and serving drinks and various other jobs specific to each different type of casino bar.

Experience is typically required for this role, with bartenders being required to know, or at the very least learn, a basic knowledge of their bar; including how to make all drinks served and opening / closing down the bar etc. In the UK, bartenders typically earn anything from £8.21 per hour ($10) which is the national minimum wage, plus tips.

Cage Cashier

Earning on average between £8.21 – £10 ($9.00 – $12.00) per hour, a cage cashier works in the “cage” section of a casino; a house’s main area of commerce where all finances relating to bets, casino chips and their relative paperwork are dealt with. This job is therefore involved in handling all bets, casino chips and their paperwork, as well as dealing with all check bank, chip bank, main bank and cage windows transactions.

This role within a casino requires no further education (e.g. Bachelor’s degree), and little to no previous training. A casino house will typically want to train their cage cashier up themselves.


Cook / Chef

The standard casino can also contain restaurants and / or cafeterias for its guests, which require a team of kitchen staff comprised mainly of cooks / chefs. This job role requires proper culinary training and typically previous experience in a restaurant of similar size and stature.

The salary for a cook / chef in a casino varies drastically depending on the type of restaurant, however the salary does more than not include tips.

Dealer / Croupier

Dealers, or croupiers, are the people who operate the various different casino games in addition to collecting in bets and paying off chips. Dealers make up a vast majority of the casino’s employees, and require extensive training in order to learn, and further operate, all the various different casino games properly.

In the UK, the dealer / croupier typically earns anything from £8 to £10 per hour, and does not typically require further education (e.g. Bachelor’s degree) but will require some training from the casino. Prior experience is always welcomed, other every casino will usually have their own style or types of machines for blackjack or roulette and their own way of doing things.

The tips can be significant, especially with high rollers, where winners can happily give up to £100 for winning big hands.

Below is a typical day of a croupier:


Dependent on the place, management roles within a casino are typically involved in general organisation, operation and maintenance of a casino, including anything from customer complaints to conflicts within the staff team.

The level of education required will very much depend on the casino and nature of the management role, however potential employees will typically need to have finished secondary school. The average salary in management can vary depending on position, from £20,000 per year to £80,000 or more for an operations manager at a large casino.

Pit Bosses

Otherwise known as the floor employees, the pit bosses supervise both games and gaming staff (such as the dealers / croupiers) within their given areas. This job is also involved in dealing with complaints, the organisation of floor activities and explaining the house rules of a game.

The salary for a pit boss will vary dependent on the casino, however on average, the hourly rate for such a gaming supervisor in the US is anything from around $14.95 – $23.82. (£11 to £18) and is typically calculated on an hourly rate.

Waiter / Waitress

As most casinos offer both bars and restaurants for their guests, waiters / waitresses are required to serve, taking down orders and bringing food and beverages to their designated customers.

This particular job does not typically require any higher level of education such as a bachelor’s degree, however sufficient training and previous experience is preferred. The average rate for a server will vary drastically dependent on what they are serving (e.g. type of bar or restaurant), however the standard annual rate for a waiter / waitress in the UK is around £15,000 or $20,820 plus tips.


Security / Surveillance

Covering quite a broad range of roles, the security / surveillance sector of a casino is involved in safeguarding both the guests and members of staff within, as well as monitoring games either on the floor or on CCTV equipment to make sure no one is cheating.

Again, although drastically dependent on both the exact position and casino house, a standard security officer in the US will make an average of anything between £10 to £12 per hour and will not typically require any level of further education.

More senior security roles for instead, head of security can earn significantly more depending on the size and scale of the casino. For instance, the head of security role for a casino in Las Vegas could pay over $100,000 per year.