Get £10 and £20 Reload Bonuses for Your Favourite Casino Games

Reload Bonuses offer additional bonuses as a reward for customers who have already signed up and made a deposit. So if you have deposited £20, you may receive a 50% reload bonus, giving you an extra £10 to play with in terms of bets or free spins for slots and other games.

Top Casino Bonus works with a number of partners that give reload bonuses and you can compare offers and use the bonus codes below to maximise your wagers.

What is a Reload Bonus?

A reload bonus essentially ‘reloads’ more bets onto your account and it is used as an incentive and reward for existing customers.

So if you are already playing or have used up your welcome bonus, the casino may offer you a reload giving you 10%, 20% or 50% more which can be an extra £10 or £20 or a free spins bonus or 50 or 100 free spins.

How is a Reload Bonus Different to a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is given to a player when they sign up and make a deposit. As a way to welcome them to the party, they can be given an extra £10, £20, free spins or 100% or 200% bonus of what they have deposited.

Welcome bonuses are usually a much better than reload bonuses. However, it is a nice perk to have 25% or 50% reloaded to your account and get extra spins to win a jackpot or larger stake.

What Games Can Reload Bonuses Be Used for?

  • Slot games
  • Scratch and arcade games
  • Roulette games
  • Blackjack
  • Pokies

How Can You Get a Reload Bonus?

Reward loyal customers – Reload bonuses are often given to existing customers that regularly play casino games such as slots, roulette and blackjack. It is a way to keep the players happy and incentivised to keep using the same casino operator, rather than switching to another.

1st and 2nd deposits – Reloads can be given on your first deposit e.g 50% and then another bonus on your second deposit e.g 25%

Re-active old customers – For customers that the casino may not have heard from in weeks, months or years, a reload bonus can be given as a casino bonus to get the player interested and playing again. If the person has deposited in the past and even has some money still in their wallet, this can be boosted with an extra 50% or 100% reload.

Monthly or weekly reload bonuses – Some casino operators we work with a Top Casino Bonus offer a monthly or weekly reload as part of their service, such as every Friday. It be a selling point or feature of some casinos to keep players engaged.

Email newsletters – Casinos have email newsletters where they will send offers – and reload bonuses are something that will regularly promote to keep players happy.

Can I Get Multiple Reload Bonuses?

Yes, some casinos offer multiple reload bonuses, with some offering reloads every week, month or even every time you deposit.

Free Spins with Reload Bonuses

Free spins are usually the most common offer that come with reload bonuses and this gives you the opportunity to have more attempts at your favourite slot games and win a large stake or jackpot.

You may be offered 25, 50 or 100 free spins with a reload bonus – but be sure to check the wagering requirements to ensure that you maximise your return and can withdraw your full winnings.

Wagering Requirements for Reload Bonuses

Wagering requirements come with every type of casino bonus, meaning that you may have to use the full number of spins or earn a certain amount before being able to withdraw your full winnings.

Wagering is a common thing for casinos to do and protects them against constantly giving away money through free spins and no deposit bonus offers.

With reload bonuses, you may have to use this full amount before being able to claim any winnings. However, the bonuses are relatively small at 20% or 50%, so you can increase your chances of winning, compared to having a 100% or 200% bonus with a welcome offer.

With all the bonuses offered by Top Casino Bonus, be sure to check the terms and conditions and wagering limits of each offer to maximise your return and cash out what you truly deserve.