Payment Options at Online Casinos



If you are an avid gambler or are perhaps just looking to set up an online casino or casino affiliate business, it is vital to know that you are making and receiving money securely, efficiently and legally. There are a number of different payment options that online casinos use to take deposits, process losses and pay out some of those huge jackpots and exciting winnings you are playing for.

So that you can stay safe when playing casino games or when running an online casino or affiliate, we have put together a handy list of casino payment options which will suit your personal banking, professional and playing needs online. Knowing which payment options and providers are accepted at your casino of choice is as important of being aware of the latest UK casino bonuses when starting out.

Online Casino Banking

Although online banking was in the past treated with some suspicion, it is now one of the most trusted, regulated, quickest and popular ways of transferring a person’s funds on the internet. With hundreds of thousands of players playing online via hundreds of casino providers, it has become imperative that payments and online casinos are as efficient, usable and as fair as possible.

When using almost any online casino, you will be required to enter your payment information as well as bank information to process payments and deposits before you start playing. If not at that stage, then certainly before you are able to withdraw any winnings. This is something you should keep in mind, much like you would with regards to the free welcome bonuses of a casino as well as each casino’s wagering requirements.

A wide variety of online banking methods are accepted by most online casinos and casino game providers. These include credit cards, debit card and e-wallets, such as PayPal and Neteller. However, you may find that you click better with other forms of online payment options, as they may actually allow you to transfer funds using a particular currency instead.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards at Online Casinos

Sending or receiving money with online casinos via credit card or debit card is as you may expect, very easy and straightforward. There are a variety of card providers and card merchants of great reputations which are accepted forms of transferring funds by online casinos. These include:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Diners Club

If you choose to use any of these cards, all you will have to do is navigate to the relevant payment page of the casino’s website and fill out your card details. This should be very straightforward and if you cannot find where to input the necessary details, you should be easily able to navigate to a help or live chat section of the website in question, depending on the online casino.

After you submit your funds by way of your credit or debit card, the amount should show up as available for the online casino instantly. Nonetheless, if you are choosing to use a credit card you should note that transactions normally come with a fee of 0.8% to 1.3%, whereas using a debit card is free. Make sure you are aware of these fees as part of your winning strategy to maximise your success and your winnings.

American Express Credit Cards and Online Casinos

American Express is one of the most respected credit cards on the market, with many people favouring these credit cards due to the lucrative points and rewards schemes available (including Avios and Virgin Atlantic points to name but a few.) Nonetheless, as it stands Amex is only accepted at only a handful of casinos. This is very often due to strict legislation which is upheld in UK gambling by the UK Gambling Commission.

It may sometimes be an indication that a casino website is legitimate if they do accept Amex, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not legitimate if they do not accept it, as Amex is a trusted and well-established provider of card payment services. If you are an online casino, it may be wise to opt to accept Amex if possible; it will build trust from your users from the outset and will ensure that less people are excluded from playing.

Visa Credit Card Payments

As the first credit card which was suited to make all types of purchases via the web, Visa has long managed to maintain its reputation as the largest and most successful payment method across a global market. One of the greatest benefits of using a Visa Card, is that almost all online casinos around the world accept it as a valid form of payment. This means that for some players, they are able to play anything from roulette with a UK provider to Keno with a USA-based provider. With Visa, you can use a credit card or a debit card to both make payments and receive funds.

MasterCard Payments

MasterCard is the greatest competitor for Visa in the credit card industry, in the UK and the wider world. This reputable and reliable payment provider is widely accepted by online casinos and continues to establish itself as a reliable form of payment for this very purpose.

Furthermore, as with other major credit card payment and card providers, MasterCard are both well-known and offer all of the benefits and protections that you can expect to receive with a major payment and card provider.

Using E-Wallets at Online Casinos  

E-Wallets are actually overtaking credit and debit cards in popularity as a preferred method of payment with online casinos in the UK and around the world. Their major selling point with these e-wallets is that upon creating an account the user is able to store all the card information safely and conveniently, rather than having to repeatedly input payment details again and again. Thus, if you do have more than one card that you would like to use, you are able to story all this on the e-wallet, choosing between cards and when you need and prefer.

There are a variety of e-wallets which are favoured by many users and online casino providers. These often include:

  • PayPal
  • Netller
  • Skrill

PayPal for Online Casinos

PayPal is arguably the best-known e-wallet across the globe; it has managed to uphold its loyal client base for years and has established and maintained a truly credible reputation. It has been dubbed ‘the people’s payment’ method of choice. PayPal is used for everything from online casino games to clothing and peer-to-peer lending.

Despite this, PayPal actually is not the most popular e-wallet when it comes to facilitating payments and indeed making payments with online casinos. The payment methods of Neteller and Skrill tend to be more widely accepted than all other similar providers. However, you will find that PayPal is almost always accepted at online casinos too.

Neteller at Online Casinos

Neteller has been able to emerge as one of the most successful start-up payment methods and has now been long linked to the gambling industry as the top payment method of choice. In 2005, the company handled over 80 per cent of online gambling cash transactions.

Neteller is accepted in almost every online casino and if you were to be setting up an online casino or affiliate, it would be a terrible business idea not to have this as a payment option available for online players and users. Neteller chooses to stay out of the US market for reasons relating to fees and regulations, but is going strong in the UK gambling industry.

Skrill Payments at Online Casinos

Skrill was formally known as Moneybookers when it was founded back in 2001. It is in fact the number one rival for Neteller in the online payment service industry. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, making it a very trusted form of payment.

It is one of the world’s largest and most secure electronic payment services to be found on the web. Most online casinos will offer this as a form of payment and it is found as an option far more frequently than PayPal.

Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos

Bitcoin was the world’s first decentralised currency, meaning it gives control over its value through a peer-to-peer marketplace. Some online casinos have seen an opportunity to allow Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and others) as a form of payment on their websites and it makes sense, since both online casinos and Bitcoin are solely web-based entities.

A lot of the time, if you bet online using Bitcoins, you will receive any winnings in the form of a Bitcoin. In other cases, you may win actual cash in return for your Bitcoin, although this really does depend on the online casino in question.