Match Bonuses Online for 2019

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Match bonuses are a way that casinos will reward customers by matching whatever amount they deposit. Whilst there are things like free spins and no deposit bonus offers available, casinos are more eager to reward players who actually make a physical deposit and a match bonus will match what the player puts in, pound for pound.

Match deposit bonuses can come with variations such as 100% or 200%, which means that your deposit will be increased and you can potentially double your starting bankroll. Your offer can also come with other bonuses such as free spins and other rewards to incentivise new and existing players.

100% Match Bonus

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How Can I Claim a Match Deposit Bonus Online in 2019?

At Monster Casino Bonus, we have a list of partners who can offer matched bonuses for casinos and other welcome bonuses. We have spent years building up a list of professional partners who we can recommend our customers too. Our in-house team will ensure that every casino partner is vetted, has a gambling license and can successfully pay out even if the largest of wins.

To claim your match bonus, start by using our table provided to review the different offers available. Once you have found the bonus that suits you, you can click on the link provided which will take you directly to the casino’s website. Simply enter a few details, make your deposit and then you will be able to claim your matched bonus which can be used for games such as online slots, casino games, roulette and more.

How Do Match Bonuses Work?

Online casinos will use match bonuses as a way to attract new players to their websites and to get new business. The match bonus is a way of saying ‘if you are going to deposit, we are happy to match it.’ For new players starting out or looking to maximise their bets, this is a great way to make the most of their stake.

Match bonuses can also be used for existing customers as a way to bring them and to incentivise further bets. Casinos are very likely to offer variations of 100% and 200% matched bonuses on initial deposits for first time customers, but are likely to be a little more conservative for subsequent visits.

Whilst casinos can still offer bonuses and free spins to existing customers, it is unlikely to be doubled repeatedly at 100% or 200%. Instead, it might be reduced after every deposit from 100% to 50% to 25% but this will depend on the terms set out by the casino.

Getting a Match Bonus with Free Spins

In addition to matching your bonus, casinos can also offer a free spins bonus on top, which is ideal for playing online slots and pokies. This incentive might be available right from the start or once you have deposited a certain amount. Free spins are popular for new players or those who are learning the ropes – as it allows them to continue to bet and win with less financial risk. 

100% Match Bonus Example

Deposit £10, the casino gives you 100% match bonus, you will play with a £20 bankroll

Deposit £50, the casino gives you 100% match bonus, you will play with a £100 bankroll

200% Match Bonus Example

Deposit £10, the casino gives you 200% match bonus, you will play with a £30 bankroll

Deposit £50, the casino gives you 200% match bonus, you will play with a £150 bankroll

Check The Terms of the Casino Bonus Online

When claiming a match bonus, Monster Casino Bonus always recommends that you check the terms and conditions of the bet to make sure that you can accept the full casino bonus offered and claim your winnings accordingly.

Minimum deposit: Start by checking the minimum deposit that you have to put down. Some casinos require you to put down a minimum amount of £10 or £20 before the matching can take place.

Wagering requirements: Some casinos that we feature require you play the full match bonus in order to withdraw your winnings. This is not the case for all casino games, but in some cases, if your deposit is matched by 100% or more, you may have to use the full amount in the form of spins or plays in order for your overall winnings to be withdrawn.

Maximum you can bet: To protect themselves, some casinos will limit the amount that they will match. For instance, if you deposit over £100, the casino may not match the full amount – because they will be giving too much away. Therefore, it is important to check the maximum deposit that can be matched.

Maximum withdrawal: There can sometimes be a maximum withdrawal limit based on your winnings i.e if you win, the maximum you can withdraw is £1,000. It is possible that there is a prearranged amount that you can withdraw on the bonus offered and it is important to check this.

For any more questions relating to casino bonuses, please use the FAQs provided by Monster Casino Bonus or contact us for more information.