How to Play Roulette

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Knowing how to play roulette can make a huge difference to your experiences in a casino, be it online or elsewhere. Understanding the rules and how to play the popular casino game of roulette means that your time playing can be made that extra bit exciting.

It also means that you could increase your chances of winning at online roulette by understanding the intricacies of the game and how different aspects of it all work. With roulette it’s possible to earn many thousands of pounds, take the time to really get to grips with the game, its rules and procedures.

Whilst roulette in Europe and UK may have slightly different rules to that of American casinos, there are some fundamental rules and practices that barely change from casino to casino.

Many people believe that roulette and winning at this popular game is nothing but pure luck. Whilst there certainly is an element of having Lady Luck on your side when playing, there is also a certain skill to the game which comes with both understanding and playing experience.

Learning how to play roulette online is a great way to get to grips with the game before going to a casino and hedging your bets.

What is Online Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most iconic and well-known casino games being played everywhere from Macau, to Las Vegas and even in James Bond movies. Symbolic and the very essence of a casino, a roulette board and table are the heart and soul of casinos throughout the world.

Roulette is the game in which there is a (usually white or silver) marble ball which is set spinning round and round the roulette board as the wheel is spun. The stakes are high, with the ball only able to land upon one number or selection. This means that chances of winning are as high as those of losing making roulette particularly exciting for both newcomers and experienced players alike.

The premise of roulette is that you select a number, colour or category and should the ball land on a winning selection, the casino, referred to as the ‘house’ pays out, with the necessary odds.

European Single Zero Roulette Wheels

European roulette wheels are often referred to as ‘Single Zero’ wheels. This is because they have the numbers, alternating between red and black and also have a single zero (0), usually green in colour, which if landed upon, will typically mean a loss for almost all players. These wheels have odds of 35/1 if an inside bet is placed on a single number.

American Double Zero Roulette Wheels

American roulette wheels typically will differ slightly from European wheels. On American roulette wheels, there are two chances of landing upon a zero; there is a single zero (0) and a double zero (00). Either of these when landed upon mean a loss for players on the table. This means that there are more chances of losing. Hence the odds at a double zero roulette wheel are higher than for a European wheel, at 37/1.


Getting Started

First of all you need to purchase chips or tokens for the amount of money you wish to bet on the roulette table. Many casinos make roulette chips look slightly different to those of other casino games such as blackjack or others.

However, European casinos tend to allow the use of the same generic chips across all games including roulette; roulette chips are often a little bit more colourful than others; this is done so that the chips of numerous players at the table are not mixed up, avoiding confusion.

You can only place your bets in between games or decisions. This means that if a game of roulette is in full flow, you may not place any bets and will be prevented from doing so. Now you have your chips and are ready at the table, it is time to learn how to play and to start placing your bets. Also, if there are any casino bonuses to be used, make sure you are aware of them before starting to play.

Joining a Table

Before you can actually play, you will of course need to join a game, which is referred to as ‘joining a table.’ If playing online, you should utilise a free welcome bonus your first time. Once you have joined and the dealer has accepted you, you are ready to play. You should already have converted the necessary amount of money you wish to play with on the table into chips or specific roulette chips.

The table you join will likely have certain parameters for that specific game of roulette. This is likely to include maximum and minimum bets for that table as well as any other limits for that table.

Types of Bets in Roulette

As with most other casino games online and elsewhere, there are many ways in which you can place your bets. You may have a tactic when placing bets or you may simply favour certain numbers or colours, which mean something to you. Whatever the reason for your selections, there are two predominant categories of bets in roulette known as ‘Inside Bets’ and ‘Outside Bets.’

Inside Bets in Roulette

Inside bets are so called as the chips in these cases are placed within the inside of the roulette board where bets are placed and selections made. These bets will be places on either a single number or upon various numbers, dependent upon the risk you want to take and the potential jackpot you are playing for.

Once you have made your selection or numerous selections, the marble is spun round the wheel and the fun starts. If you have chosen a single number, you have a 1 in 35 chance of winning (as zero is excluded). Hence, your odds are 35/1, so if you were for example to bet £10, you stand to win £350 from a single spin.

There are numerous types of inside bets which all range in the odds they provide and therefore the potential winnings for your bet:

  1. Straight Up Bets: A straight up bet is one where the player simply places their bet on one or numerous simultaneous numbers on the board. If the marble when spun hits one of those precise numbers, the odds are 35/1 or 37/1, depending on which type of wheel is being used.
  2. Split Bets: Split bets in roulette refer to when a bet is placed on more than one number at the same time, by ‘splitting your bet.’ This is done by placing your chip(s) on the separating line between two numbers. With your chances of winning effectively doubled with a single chip, your odds are halved. Odds for these bets are 17/1.
  3. 3 Number Bet: This type of bet is where the chip and your bet is split between 3 numbers at the same with the same chip. You simply place your chip on the border, or the ‘split’ between 3 numbers and you have increased your chances of winning. Odds for these bets are 11/1.
  4. 4 Number Bet: Also known as a ‘Corner Bet,’ a 4 number bet only works across certain parts of the betting board on the table. These bets only work in places where there is a literal corner, due to a square arrangement of numbers on the table; simply place your chip(s) at the intersection of these 4 numbers. Odds for these are 8/1.
  5. 5 Number Bet: This type of bet is sometimes referred to as a ‘beast’ or a ‘monster’ bet and are typically only found on American style double zero tables. It utilises 5 numbers simultaneously: 0, 00 and 3 other numbers. These bets are paid out with odds of 6/1. However, in these cases, the house edge (the chances of the casino winning your money) is as high as 7.9%!

Outside Bets in Roulette

Outside bets are so called as they are placed on the outside of the roulette table where categories and groupings of numbers are chosen as opposed to specific numbers inside the board as in the case on inside bets. You will typically be betting on numerous numbers rather than single selections and so the odds can differ here from inside bets. There is an average house edge in these cases of around 2.7% and there are various types of outside bets to consider:

  1. Column Bets: Column bets refer to where you select a column of numbers on the board by placing your chips outside that particular column when placing your bet. Odds are paid out in these bets at 2/1 and 0 or 00 are counted as losses with nothing paid out.
  2. Dozens Bets: In these cases, you select a dozen numbers on the board layout. This does not refer to 12 sequential numbers as you might expect, but it is 12 consecutive numbers in the roulette wheel’s layout. These bets are paid out at 2/1 odds.
  3. Odds or Evens: Here, you place your chip(s) on either odd or even numbers. This means that should the marble land upon an odd or an even number, you stand to win, with odds even at 1/1.
  4. High or Low Bets: The roulette wheel’s numbers are split between these two categories. ‘Low’ numbers are those between 1 – 18 and ‘high’ numbers are those from 19 – 36. 0 and 00 count as losses and are not paid out. Odds for these bets are paid even at 1/1.
  5. Red or Black: One of the most symbolic and best-known roulette selections. It is not uncommon to hear things such as ‘put everything on red.’ In these cases, the player simply selects red or black and depending on what colour the number the marble lands upon, the player is paid, with odds even at 1/1.

Rules of Playing Roulette Online

When playing roulette, choosing your stakes and selecting your bet each spin is key to your success at this game. However, playing roulette entails a whole lot more than just random selections. You should bear the following in mind:

  • How to get your chips
  • Where and when to get chips
  • How to place your bet
  • When to place your bet
  • What the dealer will be doing

Acquiring your Chips and Placing your Bets

Although some casinos will require you to purchase specific roulette chips, this is not something you will necessarily have to do in every casino. European casinos will tend to allow the use of the regular chips, with casinos in the USA and American online casinos requiring specific, often more colourful chips.

There will be the roulette wheel and the table where the numbers, usually in squares in a grid will be present. You will need to confirm the value of your chips with the dealer at the roulette table and one this is done you can place the bets you want.

The dealer will have a ‘buck,’ which may look like a marker or a chip. This buck will be placed on the last number that was a winning bet. As long as the buck is down on a number on the table, you should not place any bets. However, once the buck is removed by the dealer, you are free to make your bets.

Place your chip or multiple chips down on your selection, either an inside or an outside bet. If you cannot reach a particular selection on the table, it is normal practice for the dealer to help you get it where you want it and place it down for you. Bear in mind that a 5 number bet (if you are playing on a double zero table) will give you the lowest chances of winning, with a house edge as high as 7.9%.

The wheel is then spun, the marble will be spun around the outer edge of the wheel, usually in the opposite direction of the wheel’s spin for dramatic effect. Then, you wait while the marble whirls around and around until it settles on a number.


When the Marble Settles on a Roulette Wheel

Each spin or round of a game of roulette, requires the marble to settle somewhere on the wheel on a number or on the zero or double zero. Upon landing, the dealer will call out to all players the number, colour and whether whatever was landed upon was odd or even. This so that everyone knows for sure where they stand and what the results are.

The dealer, after calling out the winning selection will sweep up all the losing chips from the table, with the house claiming them and then the buck will be lifted. At this point, you can proceed for another exciting round of roulette.

Cashing Out in Roulette

Cashing out refers to when you cash in your chips and those which you have one, to convert them to money. These will be your winnings. For example, if you win £350 at the roulette table, this will be given to you by the dealer in chips for that amount. You then need to go and cash out to convert those chips to money if you do not wish to use them to play anymore. Always remember your wagering requirements if they are relevant!

If you have chosen special, coloured roulette chips, you may be required to change them for standard denomination chips before you can cash them out for money. To cash out efficiently and quickly, you will need the following:

  • Valid identification
  • Your chips
  • Bank details (when playing online)