How to Play Keno Online

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Gambling online has become a recreational hobby unwavering in its popularity in the UK and around the world; the older it gets the more it adapts to the current gaming climate, with the creation of online casinos being a direct result of the digitally-defined age we now live in. As a result of the popularity surges, more people than ever are looking for online casino bonuses in the UK to start them off on their journey.

With its seeming immortality, it is only natural that the many games gambling has been built on have stood the test of time. The fundamental objectives of such historically classic games as online slots, blackjack, roulette and others are through the manifestation of the strive for thrill and excitement that remains all players’ main objective to this day.

Learning the ins and outs of different gambling classics such as Keno, a gambling classic lottery-styled casino game, will not only help to improve your, but could also lead to the discovery of your next favourite game, adding to your gambling experience and further pursuit of those big wins!

Here at Top Casino Bonus, we know how complicated learning a new game can be, and how important it is to understand and comprehend the rules when playing different games. Therefore, we have created a detailed and accurate guide on how to play the classic online casino game Keno

The Origins of Online Keno

The game Keno, as with most classic casino games, has a long and rich history, saturated in various legends and myths, its roots contributing in more ways than one to the defining cultural and historical features of China.

Dating back as early as 206 B.C. China, the legend goes that the Han dynasty used the game of Keno, popular with the general public at the time, as a means to collect taxes, funding such defining features of this period as the intercontinental war efforts and the building of the Great Wall of China.

Several centuries post-Han dynasty, the game of Keno started to gradually leak into the United States of America, in part due to Chinese immigrants introducing the game to American culture. The game subsequently made its way to an area famous for its culture of casino gambling, Nevada and after this, it was developed into the Westernised version of the game we play online today.

Although the same basic structure has remained in this Western modernisation of the game, there are a few major differences that can be seen in online versions when compared to the original game.

One of the main differences is that Keno was initially played with 120 Chinese characters, compared to our standardised version of the game now consisting of 80 numbers instead. Although some elements of the game have drastically changed, at its core, Keno still very much remains a game of chance, and an exciting classic enjoyed across the globe.

Playing Keno Online

Today’s version of Keno is played in the style similar to the game of Bingo. It’s a simple yet exciting game, with its few steps displayed below:

  • Players first have to purchase a Keno ticket. This ticket consists of 80 numbers
  • After purchasing the Keno ticket, players then have to pick numbers from their ticket. The amount of numbers chosen is usually up to the player, however most casinos (including online casino) will restrict this to a specific, minimum-maximum range of numbers, generally being between 1 and 10 numbers
  • Once the numbers on a Keno ticket have been selected, players can then decide the amount of money they would like to bet on the chosen numbers. This will vary between casinos, however what will mostly be found is that there is, as with the selection of numbers, both a minimum and a maximum amount allowed to be wagered
  • When both the numbers and wagers have been selected, the player then waits for the numbers to be drawn by the casino (randomly generated in online casinos.) Players can opt for either a ‘Play One’ or a ‘Play Five’ draw. Opting for a ‘Play One’ means that the numbers drawn from the casino will be valid only for one game. Opting for a ‘Play Five’ means that the numbers drawn and all bets placed on these numbers will be valid for 5 consecutive rounds of the game.
  • For each round, the casino will draw 20 randomly generated numbers, the more numbers drawn that correspond with the numbers chosen on the ticket, the bigger the payout. In addition to this, the more numbers selected results in more corresponding numbers from the casino draw needed for a win

Tips for Playing Keno

Although in essence, Keno is a game of random luck, similarly to online scratchcards there are a few key things to consider that could help players to make those big wins in this exciting gambling classic:

  • Know the various rules – Different online casinos will have slightly varying rules and regulations, typically surrounding the number of bets, the payouts and the amount of numbers that can be selected on the Keno ticket of each player. One way to minimise the chances of a weak game is to become fully aware of all specific regulations to each online casino’s version of the game.
  • Play for free first – Although its cliché, practice really does make perfect, and the game of Keno is no exception to this! A lot of online versions of the game will allow players the chance to practice for free first to get to grips with particular versions of the game. This will help to familiarise players with the game and further help them make more informed betting decisions throughout
  • Don’t pick the maximum amount of numbers – Although in theory, the more numbers chosen should relate to a higher potential for a win, the more numbers chosen the larger the amount of corresponding numbers required for a win. This will often lessen your chances for wins, with the odds increasingly stacked against you by increasing the amount of chosen numbers.

We hope that with the help of this informative guide, you should be all set to start the adventure of playing this exciting historical game. The combination of detailed knowledge to the rules of the game, tips for upping your chances of winning, and a healthy dose of lady luck serving you well on your quest for that big win!

Keno Wagering Requirements

As with all other online casino games, there will likely be a bonus for you to initially enjoy. However, as is almost always the case, there will be strict wagering requirements which will require you to have placed bets of up to a specified amount (say 20 times the free deposit amount or 20 times the welcome bonus amount) before you are able to ‘cash in’ and retrieve your prize and winnings.