How to Become a Casino VIP

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Pretty much every player wants to become a casino VIP.  If you manage to get a VIP status you will reap the rewards which come with it. Let’s see what it takes to become a VIP casino player at an online casino.

What is a VIP Casino Player?


As you already know VIP stands for Very Important Person. At land based casinos these players are also known as whales or sharks, since they bring a lot of money to the tables and play on high bets. The same thing goes for online casinos. VIP players are the ones which play with bigger deposits and with bigger bets on the casino games. But becoming a VIP player doesn’t necessarily have to be the same way for land based and online casinos.

How do I Become a VIP at an Online Casino?


Depending on the casino you are playing at you can become a VIP from the first ever deposit you make, although most VIPs are a little more established and will understand the basics of online casinos. You see different online casinos have a different loyalty program.

At some online casinos you progress through the VIP levels just by playing the casino games and you can reach the top status. At others you can become a VIP only by making big deposits or getting an invite from the casino.

But in general most online casinos have a VIP program where you earn points and progress up the VIP ladder just by making deposits at the casino. So in reality you don’t have to make big deposits or even play at the casino on a regular basis.

Sometimes you can make your way up a VIP level from a single deposit. For example if you make a deposit and hit a big payout you can continue to play the casino games. As you play you will earn loyalty points and in fact progress up the level.

So if you play on some low variance slot on bigger bets you can easily smash your way through the ladder and progress to the next level. The more you play at the casino the higher you will go, regardless if it’s from several weekly deposits or from a single deposit. It all comes down to the amount of funds you managed to wager on the casino games.

Different VIP Levels at Casinos

The VIP levels can vary from one casino to the other. At some casinos the levels are simply indicated by numbers. You start from level 1 and move on up to the next one. On the other hand at most operators you can see the classic Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Prestige VIP. These can also differ with a few more levels, usually reserved for the high rollers and at most casinos these levels are invite only.

Benefits of Becoming a VIP

Becoming an online casino VIP does have its benefits, just like it would if you were playing at a land based casino. The thing is that online casinos can’t comp you with a free room or free meals and drinks. This is why they have to get creative and come up with new ways to satisfy the VIP. Let’s have a look at some of the most common benefits of becoming a VIP player at an online casino.

  • Custom Bonus Promotions

Once you become a casino VIP you will start receiving custom bonus promotions on your account. The casino monitors your game play to see which casino games you like to play and based on that creates custom bonus promotions for you. Even VIP players who make big deposits love bonus promotions, since they get an even bigger starting bankroll and can bet bigger on the casino games.

  • Better points conversion

That’s right, VIP players have a better loyalty points conversion. The higher your VIP level is the faster you can earn points and convert them to real money later on.

  • Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are always a treat when you become a casino VIP. You can always claim some nice freebie if you ask your manager for it.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

Every VIP player has their own dedicated account manager. It’s their job to keep the VIP player happy and meet their needs. If the VIP player wants to get in touch with his manager he can do that by using the live chat service or by sending him an email.

  • Special Gifts

VIP players often get special gifts from the casino, depending on their VIP level. These can include small gifts, but also exotic trips or free entry and accommodations to VIP events.

  • Faster payouts

This is one of the bigger perks when you become a VIP player at an online casino. Usually withdrawals for a casino VIP are processed immediately or within a maximum of few hours.

  • Bigger withdrawal limits

At many online casinos the higher your VIP level is the higher your withdrawal limit is as well. There’s no point to be a VIP player if you are allowed to withdraw only $10,000 per week.

  • Cashback Offers

Cashback offers are another great benefit of being a casino VIP. If you have a losing streak at the casino you can recuperate a part of your loses at the end of the month. For regular players the cash back offer is usually up to 10%, but for a casino VIP it can go as high as 50%.

  • Invites to special VIP events

Casinos often host exclusive VIP events. These are invite only events, so in order to get access you will have to become a casino VIP.

Is the Casino VIP Status Worth Chasing?

This depends on you as a player and how much you play at the casinos. If you make regular deposits it’s a good idea to play at a casino with a good VIP program. Over time you will surely progress up the VIP ladder and you can enjoy all of the benefits of being a casino VIP.