How do Online Scratch Cards Work?

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One of the best things about online scratch cards is that it is possible to win big even though you have invested little in comparison to some of the rewards on offer. Typically found in supermarkets, the post office or by street vendors, did you know that scratch cards have become more convenient to you than ever before?

It is possible for you now to not have to even leave the comfort of your own home to purchase one. In fact, you now have the option of being able to buy online scratch cards in the same way you can play online craps, roulette or slots. Take a look at how they work and why you should consider playing them.

Where Did Scratch Cards Originate?

The scratch card as we know it was primarily used for marketing purposes when it was introduced in the late seventies. The main aim of the scratch card was to promote a particular product on a card which was comprised of six or more grids, with these then covered with a dark film. Once customers scratched off this opaque film, there was the potential for it to reveal a prize giveaway underneath.

Over the course of time, scratch cards became increasingly popular, becoming far more than just the marketing tool as it was originally used for, and became used by customers as a game in and of itself.

These days, there is a wide range of potential prizes that can be won on scratch cards and some online providers even offer welcome bonuses and other exciting prizes. There is the possibility to win all sorts of items such as cars, gadgets, holidays or cash, which is usually the prize of choice, ranging from a few Pounds to sometimes millions. Some allow you to win instantly, meaning you can receive your scratch card win on the spot, but as with other online casino games, there may be wagering requirement equivalents.

Online Scratch Cards Explained

The popularity of physical scratch cards, coinciding with the rise of online casinos and the subsequent popularity of online casino bonuses, has led to the formation of online scratch cards, where you also have the option to play online video poker keno, slots and other well-known casino games.

How do Online Scratch Cards Work?

The physical and online versions of scratch cards share a number of similarities. Not only do online versions look very much the same as scratch cards you may purchase in your local supermarket, you even have the possibility with some online casinos to ‘scratch’ the surface of the online scratch card with your mouse to reveal the prize you have won underneath, as you would do so with a coin in real life.

In both cases, using online or physical scratch cards will take a matter of seconds.

How are Online Scratch Cards Different from Physical Ones?

There are some differences between the virtual and physical forms of the scratch card. For example, with the kind of scratch card you would obtain in a shop, these are issued in batches. That means that in theory it would be possible to track if the top prize on the scratch card has already been won by someone in the country it was issued in.

When it comes to online scratch cards, you may be able to find the winning rate of it via a number generator, but they are very random and unpredictable.

Different Types of Scratch Cards

There are two types of online scratch cards that you can choose. Some online casinos will be able to offer you both options. These options are:

Download-Based Online Scratch Cards – With these online scratch cards you will be required to download software in order to be able to start playing. After this software has been installed, you can connect to the online card provider.

Web-Based Online Scratch Cards – You will find that these are the most commonly available type of online scratch card available on the market. With these, you will not need to download any software to play them.

Choosing Casino Games and Scratch Cards

Another difference between online scratch cards and physical ones is that you go online and pick a specific game you want to play, as opposed to the types you would choose from in in a shop.

You have the possibility to choose an online scratch card based on things like the theme, or the design, giving you much more freedom than you would receive with an online scratch card. All of this can be done even on your mobile, meaning you have even more freedom when it comes to where you are able to play them too, so long as you play and gamble responsibly.

You also have the chance to pick an online scratch card based on how strong the possibility is of having individuals wins. For example, depending on the scratch card, the minimum pay-out could be equal to the amount you originally bet. Whilst on others, you could find that the pay-out is the equivalent of double or triple your original bet, giving you a much greater chance of better returns.

Choosing on the Basis of Return to Player

Online scratch cards also give you the possibility of being to choose the on the basis of return to player, otherwise known as ‘RTP.’ This is usually in the range of between 95% and 96%. It is worth remembering that it will never be able to find a return to player with an online scratch card exceeding 100%.

Are There Winning Strategies for Online Scratch Cards?

As is the case with physical scratch cards, online ones are all a matter of luck, depending on the characters that you end up deciding to scratch. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can keep in mind when playing online:

  • If your main aim is to be playing online for the longest period of time possible, then it would be wise for you to choose an online scratch card game that has the highest number of wins, but that you also bet the lowest possible sums. That means the scratch card will have a low variance
  • If the main aim you have when playing online scratch cards is to bet a lot of money, meaning there is a higher amount of risk, but also a greater chance of potentially winning a considerable amount of cash, then you should pick online the scratch cards that have high wins in the pay table. It would also be better to not make many small bets but rather opt for a few big ones instead

As you can see, there are a number of different options available to you when it comes to online scratch cards. Whatever option you decide to choose, always make sure that you are playing responsibly and within your financial means.