What is a VIP Casino Bonus?



A casino VIP bonus is usually reserved for players who make big deposits and join the casino’s high roller club. While a standard match deposit bonus can usually be something like 100% up to $200, high roller bonuses often award hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just like you can find high rollers at land-based casinos, there are also high rollers … Read More

8 Secret Tips Every Casino Player Needs to Know



When you start playing at online casinos you can be overwhelmed by the number of the bonus options available. Pretty much every online casino has some bonus promo in its offer, so it can be very hard to find the best ones. There’s much more to a bonus promotion than just picking the highest amount and hoping that luck will … Read More

The World’s Most Popular Casino Games



Gambling is a universal source of entertainment that is thoroughly enjoyed across the globe. With its roots firmly planted in the history of several different cultures, players now enjoy a vast array of classic casino games online and offline. Some of the all-time favourite casino games have been developed through centuries-worth of history. These games and their rich history are … Read More

How to Know that a Casino Website is Safe to Use



Casinos are, and always have been, an essential part of the gaming and entertainment industry; offering players a thrilling game with every one of the vast array of casino classics in well-established, legal organisations. Many websites offer some of the latest online casino bonuses, but how do you know that a casino site is safe to use? As this sector … Read More

Becoming a Truly Professional Gambler



It is universally accepted that doing what you love as a job is a dream come true, with those who love gambling being no exception to this. However, whilst you can win significant amounts of money in the gambling community, is it possible to make a career out of this? And if so, how can you go about becoming a … Read More

Age Restrictions at Casinos Explained



Gambling is an exciting and universal source of entertainment, enjoyed by many across the globe. Although, when in trustworthy and legal casinos, gambling is a thoroughly enjoyable activity, it does however come with its risks, and risks to which require age limits to restrict the potential harm done to more easily influenced (younger) minds. All legal casinos therefore must have … Read More

The Different Jobs at a Casino



Casinos have become a cornerstone of the entertainment industry throughout history, having collected features from various different cultures around the world to make up the richly diverse environments you see throughout many of the classic houses today. Whilst we offer casino bonuses online, going to casino houses was the norm before the age of the Internet and continues to be … Read More

What are Casino Payouts?



The term ‘casino payout’ seems obvious to some players but it is definitely still worth getting a full understanding of exactly what it means and its implications, particularly if you an avid slots player. In this article we will define the term, explain it’s context in different casino games with a focus on online slot games and conclude with our … Read More

How to Get a Casino License in the UK



When it comes to casino licensing in England, Scotland and Wales, this is strictly regulated by the Gambling Act 2005, which came into force across the UK on 1st September 2007, with further regulations coming into force in 2014. The Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act of 2014 put in place further regulations to also incorporate the prolific rise of online … Read More

Different Types of Casino Jackpots



If you’re new to online casinos, slots are one of the most popular places to start, as the learning curve is minimal and operators provide a huge range of themes, prizes and ways to bet. Also, almost everyone is aware of slots and will understand the basic premise and principles of playing this ever-popular game. This may not be the … Read More