Watchdog plans credit card ban for casinos

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The gambling industry watchdog, the Gambling Commission, has stated it is taking steps to ban credit card bets being placed online. It follows on from public consultations, a recent review carried out by the Commission on online gambling as well as the Government’s Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility measures on the matter. When will the ban take effect? … Read More

A guide to casino advertising laws

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What are the regulations that casinos need to abide by in order to remain compliant and retain their licenses?  Gambling product ads are required to be undertaken in a ‘socially responsible manner’ and all operators need to be compliant with the UK Advertising Codes created by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) and enforced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). … Read More

Welcome Bonuses at Top Casinos

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The top casino welcome bonuses are diverse and can be a bit hard to figure out. Follow this guide to find excellent new top casinos that will welcome you, and may well offer some of the best casino bonuses out there. Just like any company has new and exciting special offers on their products, so do online casinos with their … Read More

How Do VIP Online Casinos Work?

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A VIP Online Casino program is great if you found a place where you love to play and want to be rewarded for your loyalty. So what are these casino VIP schemes all about? When you start looking to become a VIP player, it may seem a little confusing at first. In truth, it’s pretty straightforward. So let’s take a … Read More

How to Claim an Online Casino Bonus

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Even if you find the best online casino bonus in the world, you still have to know how you can actually claim them first. Top casino bonuses have rules to control how players use their online casino bonus cash.  Otherwise, you could just deposit some money and immediately withdraw the entire balance. Indeed, every online casino bonus promotion comes with … Read More

How to Use Your Casino Bonus Effectively

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We all prefer a no deposit bonus than any other type of casino bonus money available. These can be turned into real cash if you know how and believe us, there’s much more to playing with bonus funds than just claiming the promo and playing the games. An experienced player knows how to recognise a favourable bonus promotion and has … Read More

Blackjack Bonus: What Top Players Look For

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Blackjack is the American version of the well-known card game called twenty-one. It remains one of the most popular card games online. Read on to learn what the top online players look for in a blackjack bonus. How is Online Blackjack Played? In blackjack, each player plays versus the dealer but not against one another. Each player sitting at the … Read More

How to Play Keno Online

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Gambling online has become a recreational hobby unwavering in its popularity in the UK and around the world; the older it gets the more it adapts to the current gaming climate, with the creation of online casinos being a direct result of the digitally-defined age we now live in. As a result of the popularity surges, more people than ever … Read More

How do Online Scratch Cards Work?

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One of the best things about online scratch cards is that it is possible to win big even though you have invested little in comparison to some of the rewards on offer. Typically found in supermarkets, the post office or by street vendors, did you know that scratch cards have become more convenient to you than ever before? It is … Read More

How to Play Baccarat Online

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As is the case with all online casino games, Baccarat is a popular and thrilling casino game which is played by many people online each and every day. Many casino operators have welcome bonuses for Baccarat as well as for their other offerings such as slots, roulette and others. The game of Baccarat itself is fun to play and very … Read More