How Do VIP Online Casinos Work?

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A VIP Online Casino program is great if you found a place where you love to play and want to be rewarded for your loyalty. So what are these casino VIP schemes all about?

When you start looking to become a VIP player, it may seem a little confusing at first. In truth, it’s pretty straightforward. So let’s take a look at how to join a casino VIP program and how they work.

How to Join a VIP Casino Programme


Becoming a VIP player at an online casino is probably the dream of many players. You will enjoy the many benefits the casino has to offer and you will be valued as a player. The good news is that everyone can become a VIP player, even when you make a single deposit at the casino. The bad news is that this unlocks only the very first VIP level, which in reality is nothing special.

In general VIP status and the real benefits which come with it are unlocked if you play at the casino on a regular basis and wager big amounts of money. At some casinos their VIP levels can’t be unlocked by ordinary players. They are reserved for high rollers only and work on invite only.

So in order to become a VIP player at one of those casinos you will need to get a personal invitation. But on the other hand if you play at one casino on a regular basis you will progress up the VIP levels. The only problem is that this will take a long time. Still if you stick to one or two regular casinos you will get a high VIP status over a longer period of time, win or lose!

Get Bonuses From VIP Online Casinos


Progressing through the VIP levels is quite simple. All you need to do is make regular deposits and keep playing at the casino. At most operators your progress is counted by the amount of real money you wager at the casino.

Usually bonus funds don’t contribute to your VIP progress. But at some casinos your VIP status can depend only on the amount of your deposits. So for example getting to Bronze VIP may require a £1,000 in deposits, while for Silver it can be £5,000 and so on. Other operators have different rules for their VIP program.

In order to keep your VIP status you will need to make a certain amount in deposits. If you don’t then you are demoted to a lower level. As you can see progressing through the levels at an online casino VIP program differs from one operator to another. It’s up to you to choose the VIP program which suits you the most and keep on playing at the casino.

Each Level Comes With More Benefits

That’s right. The VIP casino scheme is designed to work in this way. The more you play at the casino and the higher you go up the VIP ladder the better the benefits become.

Usually VIP players have exclusive VIP bonus promotions, faster withdrawals and withdrawal limits, a dedicated account manager, loyalty bonuses, cash back promos and so on.

In order to see the benefits which come with every VIP level all you need to do is go to the casino site and check their VIP section. Each of their levels will clearly display what the benefits are with every VIP level and you will know what to expect from each level.

If you like what you see you can play at the casino and try to reach that level. If you don’t like the current VIP program at a certain casino you can easily find another one which will suit your needs.

Minimum Deposit Required to Climb a Level

Well the good news is that at many online casinos reaching the next VIP level doesn’t depend on the amount of your deposits. Usually you reach the next level just by playing at the casino for real money and wagering bets on the games.

For example you can make a £500 deposit at the casino and hit a big payout. If you continue playing on the casino games on higher bets for a few hours you will inevitably wager a big amount of money and you will reach the next level.

If you manage to do this a few times you can climb up the VIP ladder considerably and you will enjoy the perks your current VIP level has to offer. Once you see what the advantages are of being a VIP player you will be tempted to progress up even more and unlock further benefits.

Which Players Can Become VIPs?

Well, in theory pretty much every player can become a VIP. But in reality the perks of the online casino VIP program are reserved for people who really play at online casinos.

You can’t expect to get a high VIP status if you play at online casinos only occasionally and with small deposits. In order to really become a VIP with a high status and reap the rewards you need to invest a considerable amount of money at the casinos.

The maths is simple, the more you play the higher you go up the VIP ladder and unlock the rewards. Don’t get this confused with winning or losing, in fact the more you win the more likely you are to rocket to the top of the VIP status. However you are looking to climb the VIP ladder, make sure you do it responsibly and in a sustainable way.