What are the Best Types of Casino Promotions?

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Good casino promotions can attract players to make real money deposits. There’s a vast range of different types of casino offers that benefit both the casino and the player.

Pretty much every operator in the online gambling industry has ongoing promotions. A good bonus promotion will instantly catch the attention of online players, resulting in many deposits or sign-ups. This is easily the biggest advantage online casinos have.

There are a lot of different bonuses which you can come across at online casinos. If you’re a newbie player you might have trouble in knowing what each one does exactly. This article explains what casino promotions are all about and the things you need to look out for when looking for the best online casino bonuses.

What are Casino Promotions?

Casino promotions, or more commonly known as ‘casino bonuses’ are rewards which are given to the player. The bonus can come in many forms and can help the player to play for long thus potentially resulting in a big payout.

They allow you to make a smaller deposit, yet have a larger balance to play with thanks to the promotion available. Some casino promotions even let you play without making a deposit, we’ll get into the detail of each type.

Different Types of Casino Promotions

Here we will explain what each casino promotion is about, so you can better understand them.

1. Match Deposit Bonus

A match deposit bonus takes the player’s deposit and matches it in bonus funds up to a certain amount. It is awarded on top of your deposit.

The most common one is a 100% match deposit bonus, meaning that the casino will match any amount you deposit at the casino up to a certain limit. So if you claim a 100% match deposit bonus up to $100 and make a $100 deposit the casino will award you with another $100 in bonus money. You can use your deposit and bonus amount to play the casino games and once you meet the wagering requirement of the bonus you can ask for real money withdrawal. But the match deposit bonus can have a much higher value.

At some online casinos offering online poker, you can find a 200%, 300%, 500% or even a higher match deposit bonus. So if you deposit $100, now the casino will award another $200, $300, $500 or more to play with, depending on the size of the match deposit bonus. 

For example: if a casino offers a 100% match deposit bonus, you can make a $100 deposit to get another $100. If the match deposit bonus is 200% then you will receive $200 in bonus money for your $100 deposit. 

2. Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the first bonus which you can claim at the casino. This is usually the best bonus offer the casino has in its ranks. Its purpose is to welcome you as a new player. Many players go on a hunt across online casinos and sign up just to take this bonus.

The welcome bonus can come in many forms. It can be an attractive match deposit bonus or a number of free spins on some video slot. Either way, it’s always a good idea to claim this bonus when you join a new casino and try your luck. 

The welcome bonus primarily serves to attract players into creating an account and making a real money deposit. With the welcome bonus, the casino gets a new player and the player gets to claim an attractive bonus promo. 

3. Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is similar to the match deposit welcome bonus. But this promo is usually smaller in size and is awarded to regular players at the casino. It can only be claimed after your first deposit at the casino. In most cases the reload bonus is with a smaller value, like 25%, 50% or 75%. At most casinos, reload bonuses are reserved as weekend promos since this is when there is a bigger number of players at the casino. 

Many casinos have a regular Friday or Weekend Reload Bonus promo. This promo is usually a 50% reload bonus, meaning that the casino will match half of your deposit in bonus money. So if you deposit $100 the casino will add another $50 in bonus money on your account. Many players go for these types of bonuses because the wagering requirement is smaller and you still have a good chance of hitting a decent payout. 

4. No deposit sign up bonus

Since the competition in the online gambling industry is very high the casinos need to come up with ways to attract players in joining the casino. One of the most effective ones is by offering the player a no deposit bonus for creating an account at the casino.

The no deposit bonus is the favourite among newbie and experienced players alike. A no deposit bonus is awarded to the player just for signing up. Since there’s no need to make a real money deposit, the player is welcomed easily into creating an account.

The casino awards a no deposit sign up bonus with the intention to keep the player at the casino and hoping that he will make a real money deposit in the future. Players love no deposit bonuses since they have a chance to make a real money withdrawal without depositing any real money of their own. 

With this bonus, players have a chance to try the casino games like they would for real play and also make a withdrawal if they manage to meet the wager of the bonus promo. Once the player claims this promo the chances are that he will make a real money deposit afterwards and play with a match deposit bonus. 

5. Loyalty Bonus

A loyalty bonus is similar to the no deposit bonus. It’s awarded to regular players at the casino as a token of appreciation. At many online casinos, you can claim a loyalty bonus after you hit a bad streak at the casino or lose your deposit. 

6. Cashback Casino Promotions

A cashback bonus is another form of a loyalty bonus. At most casinos, the cashback bonus is awarded at the end of the month up to a certain value of the players’ losses during that month. The cashback bonus is a sight for sore eyes for every player who has been on a losing streak at the casino.

Cashback promos are usually reserved for VIP players. At many casinos, you can expect to receive a cashback bonus for a fraction of your losses. At some casinos, this can be only 10%. This means that if you lose $1,000 during the month and you have a 10% cashback bonus you will receive $100 back in cash or bonus money.  But at some casinos where you’re a regular player and climbed a bit up the VIP ladder, the cashback bonus can go even up to 50%. So if you plan to play at some casino on a regular basis make sure they have some nice cashback bonus in their offer. 

7. Free spins

Free spins are the most popular casino promotions across online casinos. With this casino offer, the player is awarded a number of free spins on any video slot.

The player plays the free spins and the winnings are awarded as cash or bonus money on their account, depending on the terms of the promotion. Many players like to take free spins at online casinos as opposed to a fixed bonus amount since they have a chance in winning a bigger amount. Once the free spins are played, winnings are transferred to the player account as bonus money. In many cases, the casino can have a mixed bonus promo which consists of a match deposit bonus and extra free spins on top. 

No wager free spins are the personal favourite of all online players. The winnings from no wager free spins are awarded on the player account. From there on you can do with them what you want. 

For example, if you can choose among a $50 bonus and 100 free spins on some slot on a $0.50 bet it’s better to go for the free spins. You have a big chance to hit a bonus round during the free spins and end up with much more than just $50 of bonus money. But sometimes it can go the other way and you end up with a lot less from the winnings of the free spins than you would with a fixed cash bonus. 

8. Exclusive Casino Promotions

Keep an eye out for exclusive casino promotions by casino partners like us. The thing is these promos are exclusive to the site only and can’t be claimed from anywhere else. So to claim an exclusive promo you will need to follow the link from the site and create an account at the casino.

If you disregard the link and create an account directly from the casino website you won’t be able to claim the exclusive promotion. Many exclusive casino promotions come with a unique bonus code. Redeeming the code when you create an account ensures that the exclusive promo will be activated on your account. 

Casino Promotions – Should you use them?

There’s always a dilemma among players when it comes to playing with a bonus or with a  pure deposit. But in general, it’s better to play with a bonus, if casino promotions have favourable and reasonable terms. The math is pretty simple.

You can make a smaller deposit and claim a bonus, so you basically risk way less real money than you would if you made a pure deposit. Of course, you have to think about the wagering requirements and the terms which come with casino promotions.

In general, however, if the games at the casino are paying you can hit a big payout and still easily clear the wager. So, in the end, it’s better to play with a bonus, rather than risk a lot of your own cash.