Casino Bonus License and Regulation



We feel it’s important to explain whether all these welcome bonus offers at TopCasinoBonus are licensed and regulated so that you know you are safe playing in our recommended casinos. In this article we explain a little on casino licensing which will go along to answering whether the bonuses are regulated.

This question as to whether the online casino bonuses themselves are regulated isn’t a straightforward yes or no, it’s a bit of both. All online casinos featured on our site are licensed to operate in the jurisdiction they are accepting players, so if the question is whether the online casinos are regulated the answer would be a simple Yes. However, the bonus itself is not necessarily regulated, so let’s explain that first.

Are Online Casino Bonuses Regulated?

In the UK, the gambling commission (UKGC) mandates that all online casinos and affiliate partners must clearly label the small print associated with the bonus offer. This makes the welcome bonus or match bonus offer transparent for the player as regulators are looking out for the players best interest.

For example if a UK online casino has a welcome bonus of £500, you should be presented with a breakdown of how that bonus is attained, what the min and max bets are, what the wagering requirement is and the bonus expiry terms. If a casino or an affiliate does not present this information they may be at risk of a fine from the UKGC.

In other countries this is not the case. It is down to the player to find the terms and conditions of the offer to ensure it’s a genuine promotion. This doesn’t mean that the bonus is bogus, it is still a genuine bonus, it just means they are not mandated to present the key terms to you right up front on the sales information.

Is it Necessary to Regulate Online Casino Bonuses?

No, regulating online casino bonuses or promotions is not high up on any gambling commission globally because they are more interesting in online casinos gaining the appropriate license and operating within those license laws. If an online casino gains a license the gambling commission can assume that the casino promotions are within the terms of the license and that wherever necessary, Responsible Gambling policies and practices are enacted and adhered to.

What gambling commissions actually do and rightly so is to crack down on gambling crime, ensure the under 18’s do not gamble and keep gambling fair. Part of keeping gambling fair is to carry out audits and investigations into online casinos regularly and if they see that an online casino promotion is bogus you can rest assured knowing that the gambling commission will be investigating and looking to fine in order to maintain its funding.

How to Report an Issue with a Casino Bonus

Of course we can’t sit back and wait for the various gambling commissions to proactively find all the casinos which launch bogus promotions or don’t honour the online casino bonus they advertise or indeed that we at TopCasinoBonus approve.

We highly recommend that you report any issues you have directly to a gambling commission if you have any of the following issues which the online casino customer support teams did not resolve.

  • Signed up, registered but didn’t receive your bonus
  • You received a bonus but it wasn’t as advertised
  • The welcome bonus expired before the time stated in the terms and conditions
  • You met the wagering requirement but you didn’t get paid out the cash bonus

Contact Details

As you can imagine reputable online casinos will try and resolve your issues as best as they can but we do encourage you to take the time out to contact a gambling commission if you are not satisfied with the resolution or lack of resolution.

UK Gambling Commission

Telephone Number: +44 121 230 6666
Email Address: [email protected]

Malta Gaming Authority

Telephone Number: +356 2546 9000
Email Address: [email protected]

There are numerous other gambling commissions globally listed below, however you will receive the best hearing by contacting either the UK or Malta commissions.

Gibraltar Gambling Commission
Alderney Gambling Control Commission
Kahnawake Gaming Commission
Nevada Gaming Commission
New Jersey Casino Control Commission
Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling

In Conclusion

This is not a topic most avid gamblers  want to hear about or even need to know. However it’s important to recognise that behind the scenes there are organisations reviewing licenses, regulations and dealing with complaints to keep the industry free from fraud and protect you. One of the many benefits of using is that you get honest advice that only lists licensed and reputable brands so the chances of ever having any issues with your bonuses is extremely low, but of course not impossible.

Not only do we recommend contacting a gambling commission with your issue but also please do feed back to us at [email protected] so we can continue to vet the casinos on our site and maintain our reputation for only providing the most trusted casinos with the best bonuses for casinos