Age Restrictions at Casinos Explained



Gambling is an exciting and universal source of entertainment, enjoyed by many across the globe. Although, when in trustworthy and legal casinos, gambling is a thoroughly enjoyable activity, it does however come with its risks, and risks to which require age limits to restrict the potential harm done to more easily influenced (younger) minds.

All legal casinos therefore must have an age restriction that is in keeping with its country’s rules and regulations. Therefore, when looking for your next gambling venture, it is always best to check the age restriction of casinos rather than facing the potential of being denied entry. When it comes to online casinos, as well as land-based casinos, Responsible Gaming Policies are crucial in helping to enforce the likes age restrictions.

Why Are There Age Restrictions on Gambling?

In order to gain a better understanding of the age limits in casinos, it is important to know why these restrictions exist in the first place. There are a number of risks that should be fully understood and considered before starting your casino venture, which when fully acknowledged can help to prevent such risks occurring and further ensuring a more enjoyable gambling experience.

The main risks associated with gambling are as follows:

  • Financial Problems and Debt – Problem gamblers who become addicted will more often than not fall into debt and other financial problems due to excessive money being spent to fuel their addiction.
  • Health Risks – An often-overlooked factor, problem gamblers face many different health risks when it comes to their gambling addition; including self-esteem issues, stress and anxiety, and in some cases suicide.
  • Job and Employment – Those with an addiction to gambling will also find that due to spending excessive amounts of time and energy in casinos, both their performance at work and their attendance is greatly affected, sometimes even leading to termination of employment.

As an adult over the age of 18, the law will deem you able to have acceptable control over your actions with a degree of responsibility and therefore it is presumed that you will be able to properly combat against risks of problem gambling.

However, with regards to those younger than 18, who are not allowed into casinos and who are not permitted to bet and gamble online, it is thought that they are not mature enough to be responsible over their own actions, and therefore run a significantly higher risk of falling victim to some of the issues mentioned above.

Age restrictions for casinos are there to protect those who the law deems unable to safely and appropriately gamble.

Age Restrictions in Casinos Across the World

As each different country is comprised of its own sophisticated network of rules and regulations, the legal age for gambling will vary from place to place. Therefore, it is always important to check the legal age limit for gambling when visiting a casino or playing online.

Below is a list of the general age restrictions for gambling across the globe:

Countries Permitting Gambling for 18 Years and Older

  • The United Kingdom (UK)
  • The United States of America (USA) – This varies significantly and is dependent on the state in question. However, for most places in the USA, the age limit for entry to a casino will typically range from 18 to 21. It is therefore always important to check the state’s legal age limit for gambling as well as that of the actual casino.

Countries Permitting Gambling for 19 Years and Older

  • Canada – Again, this will vary significantly depending on the state within the country, however for most places within Canada the age limit for a casino range from 18-21.

Gambling 20 Years Old and Above

  • New Zealand.
  • Belgium – 21 years old and above.

Although these are the general guidelines for gambling across the globe in the countries mentioned above, this will vary dependent on what part of the country you go to, therefore its always best to check the legal age requirements for gambling when visiting a specific region.