About Us

Welcome to Topcasinobonus, the #1 resource for online casino bonuses, bringing you daily bonus offers to the most reputable casinos.

The Problem with Online Casinos

The online casino world has exploded in the last few years with more and more Online Casinos opening up. This space has become very competitive and as a result, most players don’t know who to sign up and play with. Not only do players have to be informed enough to decide which online casino to play at, but also digest the vast and somewhat complicated bonuses that are on offer. 

Who We Are

We are a team of seasoned online casino players that enjoy the thrill of putting our chips down with a chance to win big. We are headquartered in sunny Malta, the international hub of igaming, but also have an office in London, England. Our backgrounds consist of working in global corporate companies in finance, technology and advertising. We have combined these skills to now work full time on this venture to bring you Topcasinobonus.com, as we are passionate about making sure you are fully informed before deciding on which online casino to choose. 

We have always gambled responsibly and have managed to sustain the enjoyment of playing for many years.  At first we used to play at the big reputable casinos that advertise on TV as we, like many others had a trust issue with the newer smaller casinos coming through. However, over time and through research we learnt that the smaller casinos were much more innovative and had better customer care than the bigger more established brands. We also learnt that they were well run with highly experienced staff and really focused on safety and security. 

This lead to us spending quite a bit of time online searching for new casinos that would introduce new bonuses and exciting games for us to try out. Our days consist of scanning the net for new Online Casinos, registering an account and depositing money.  By doing so, we are able to take advantage of the bonus offers each casino presented as well as understanding how the casinos operated.

The Service We Provide

By now you may have realised that we have collected quite a lot of information about online casinos. We decided it would be wasted if it wasn’t shared with others. Luckily one of the founders was a web designer by trade so it wasn’t too difficult to turn our idea into reality. 

Topcasinobonus brings you the best casino bonuses available online with a detailed explanation of the bonus offer. We review each casino using our own criteria as well as industry recognised methods. This means that all the online casinos on our site have been vetted and are safe and trusted for you to play at. You can also be sure that the bonus on offer is genuine.

Moving forward we aim to be your main igaming resource by introducing game guides, strategies to win and latest news.  We write all our own content from our own experience and take time to research each topic from highly reputable sources if we have a gap in our knowledge. We like to think we offer you the most original and informative content on online casinos out there.

We take this service very seriously, so if you come across any Online Casino that doesn’t honour their bonus offer or you are not satisfied with their service then please email us at admin@top-casino-bonus.com so we can determine whether we should black list the online casino from our site. 

Finally, remember, when the fun stops. STOP!

All the best for now.

From the Topcasinobonus Team